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 Zeolite; the latest detox agent found in nature.

 Zeolite is a crystal that was formed over 300 millions years ago from the deposits of volcanic ash. Our forefathers were aware of the power of Zeolite because in the past it was known as a remedy to enhance well being and overall health.Today there is a better understand of why Zeolite improves health, it’s because it is an effective detox and chelation agent.What makes Zeolite unique from other chelation agents is its crystalline molecule; Zeolite has a honeycomb structure with the ability to trap heavy metals like lead and mercury in its cavities.As Zeolite travels through blood, these “caves” on its surface, (plus the fact it has a rare negatively charged nucleus) attract and trap heavy metal toxins, this is a process referred to as Cation exchange.Research has shown that Zeolite has an ideal structure for mopping up and removing toxins such as aluminium, arsenic, cadmium, lead, mercury and tin and what’s more it appears that Zeolite does not remove “positive” beneficial minerals such as zinc and potassium etc., which can be the case with other detox treatments.