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The zeolite nebula activated!Several aspects of zeolite properties are already known, being used successfully in treating certain diseases, even if the mode of action is not very well understood at present. We therefore provide you with a quality product, free of additives, in the form of finely powdered clinoptilolite powder. In order to remove the "nebulous" woven around the way this product is prepared, we will specify here what is meant by the basic features of this product. First of all, it should be known that the only variety of zeolite used as a dietary supplement is CLINOPTILOLIT. No other forms are used, and, moreover, no synthetic forms are used, either for the sole reason that in synthetic form zeolite is very expensive, and it only takes place in certain special technological applications. CLINOPTILOLITE is the main component of volcanic tuff. As such, its purity is always the same as its concentration in the volcanic tuft, and that is about 96-98%, depending on the career from which it is extracted. Its separation from the tufa is very difficult and is not actually realized, and it is not necessary, since the difference in zeolite activity is not given by their concentration but by the size of the particles after milling. MICRONIZING zeolite is the form in which it is made accessible as a dietary supplement. After all, even if it is more porous, it is still a stone! For this reason, but not only, it must be ground as finely as possible. This grinding is also the primary form of activation because it increases the specific exchange surface, i.e. the sum of the surfaces of all the particles, relative to the product mass. The significance is identical to that of nanoparticles. ACTIVATION is a different process than milling activation (also called tribological). This is a simple heating process up to a temperature of 2-300 degrees C, which makes the water contained in the pores of the zeolite evaporate, thus increasing its cationic exchange capacity. As you can see, the process of preparing the zeolite powder involves a number of processes, and their application gives rise to differences in products, yet there are no magical or mysterious phenomena in the middle (unless, of course, we also take into account the fact that The mode of action of zeolite in the body is a mystery for now, at least in terms of some ways of action)